Vote Yes For Ballot Issue 2-I

If you’re asking yourself why Vote Yes for Ballot Issue 2-1, we say, why mess with a good thing? In its various iterations, this issue is an example of longstanding trust between Greeley citizens and their government. The city first requested this small tax on food 30 years ago, and residents have renewed it six times. Why? Because they didn’t want to mess with a good thing. Read more about this vital city tax here.

Every five years, Greeley’s 3% food tax comes up for renewal. Voters have overwhelmingly put their checkmark on it every five years since 1990. This small tax on food helps fix those pesky potholes in more than 700 miles of Greeley roads. It helps build those amazing trails that traverse the city. It also helps keep city buildings in top condition to run efficiently. If ever there was a tax that did what it was originally laid out to do, this is it.

Vote Yes For Ballot Issue 2-I to keep up with population growth

In the lifespan of this tax, Greeley’s population has exploded 77%, consistently being marked as one of the top growth cities in the state and country. In that time, city leaders have placed priorities on Greeley’s quality of life to attract not only residents but great employers. But population growth can be taxing on a community, adding pressure to a city’s infrastructure.

The symbiosis has improved the city’s culture and its residents’ quality of life immensely. Together they’ve worked tirelessly to keep up the city’s many buildings, parks, roads and trails. In the last four years, for example, the city has repaved and widened existing streets with $7 million from the tax. It also has put $5.7 million into improvements and repairs to the city’s parks and recreation facilities.

Help fund vital infrastructure projects to keep Greeley growing

The following projects still await funding:

  • Street and sidewalk repairs throughout Greeley
  • Traffic signals and detection improvements
  • Sidewalk repairs, carpet/irrigation updates, repaving at Island Grove
  • Facility updates at the Family Fun Plex
  • Accessibility improvements to a variety of recreational and cultural facilities
  • Site maintenance at a variety of historical sites
  • LED lighting, cameras, window and heating replacements at Union Colony Civic Center

If this program wasn’t working, Greeley residents wouldn’t have let it go past its first five years. Read this long list of resident endorsements to this program.  They know the city has consistently lived up to its promise to improve our city’s infrastructure, and voters have rewarded that. Let’s not mess with a good thing, especially when we know it works.  Vote Yes for Ballot Issue 2-I.

Why vote yes for 2-i