Frequently Asked Questions - 2-I Extension of the Food Tax

Q. How much will this raise my taxes?

A. This is not a new tax. It is a renewal of an existing sales tax of 3% on grocery purchases for an additional 5 years through 2027.

Q. How will the money be used to benefit the citizens of Greeley?

A. A YES vote for 2-I will provide a total of $45 million over the life of the tax to improve and maintain city street conditions, parks and recreation facilities used by most of our community and make Greeley an attractive community for attracting and retaining good, quality employers. Proposed projects include:

  •  Street and sidewalk repairs throughout Greeley
  •  Traffic signals and detection improvements
  •  Sidewalk repairs, carpet/irrigation updates, repaving at Island Grove
  •  Facility updates at the Family Fun Plex
  •  Accessibility improvements to a variety of recreational and cultural facilities
  •  Site maintenance at a variety of historical sites
  •  LED lighting, cameras, window and heating replacements at Union Colony Civic Center.

Q. When was the tax originally passed and how is the money used?

The Food Tax was originally passed in 1990 with a 5-year sunset and has been re-approved by voters six (6) times since then. The tax will expire at the end of 2021 unless renewed. It is the primary funding for parks, recreation, and public building maintenance and a contributing funding source for Greeley streets. Infrastructure used by taxpayers and supported by this tax from 2014-2018 are:

  •  $29.7 million: Repaving and widening of existing streets in Greeley to repair potholes and accommodate increased usage of roads due to population growth
  •  $0.5 Million: Traffic signal programming and replacement to make movement through the city more efficient for travel 
  •  $6.9 million: Repairs and improvements to public buildings and maintenance facilities to extend life and use of those facilities
  •  $1.8 million: accessibility on public sidewalks, curbs and to public buildings consistent with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) requirements
  •  $5.7 million: Improvements, maintenance and repairs for Greeley’s parks and recreation facilities to maximize safety and use by city residents.

Q. Is there a rebate program for low-income families?

A. Low-income households can qualify and apply for a Food Tax Rebate, lessening their financial impact. Details about the program can be found at Greeley.gov and on 2020 Ballot.

Q. Why do we need to renew the food tax now?

A. The Greeley area has been one of the fastest-growing communities in the country, and with the added traffic and usage of parks, street repair and park maintenance crews need resources now more than ever. If we don’t pass these ballot measures, the city will not have the needed resources to keep up with maintaining Greeley’s 375 miles of streets, 42 parks in our neighborhoods, and public buildings to deliver services. Doing basic maintenance now saves taxpayers money in the long run before repairs become more expensive and time consuming. These funds can also be leveraged with matched funds.