Ballot Issue 2-I Greeley CO

You may have noticed when you moved to Greeley all the pretty parks, well maintained infrastructure and great roads. That’s not by accident. Greeley voters for the last 30 years have seen the value in how the city funds these projects. This year, when you research Ballot Issue 2-I Greeley CO, you can trust that you’re dealing with a promise from the city to you — to make our roads better, our recreation stronger and our parks functional and fun. Read more about this successful program here at voteyesforgreeley.com.

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Technically, yes. Greeley Ballot Issue 2-I is a tax. It has been a 3% tax on food purchases since 1990. Every five years, voters overwhelmingly renew it because they know the tax has enabled our Public Works department to have the budget to fix potholes. The food tax has funded more parks and helped the city build wonderful recreation projects such as the many trails across the city. It also helps the city maintain its public buildings and other public infrastructure that is vital to the city. In road maintenance alone, the tax has helped maintain 379 miles of roads, and 700 miles of curb, gutter and sidewalks. It has provided the funds to keep up 68 traffic signals and maintain more than 1 million square feet of public facilities space. Greeley residents have long bought into the value of this program, seeing the results of their tax dollars at work every year. In fact, 72 percent of Greeley residents polled this past June supported the renewal of the food tax. It’s been a true example of a successful, long-term public/private partnership.

Watch your tax dollars go to work with Ballot Issue 2-I

With voters consistently trusting city leaders in the success of this partnership, they have seen this city change for the better as the population continues to outpace the rest of Colorado. This year, the city has planned several projects, including irrigation projects, trail projects and street maintenance and traffic projects with future funds. Click this link for a great FAQ for all of your questions. This one project has ensured trust between the city and its residents. For more than 30 years, city leaders have been transparent and used these funds to keep improving the quality of life for all Greeley residents. Keep this partnership alive by voting yes on Ballot Issue 2-I.