Vote Yes for Greeley.
Our City.
Our Future.

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Greeley street repair Vote Yes For Greeley 2-I
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Vote Yes for Greeley.  Our City.  Our Future.

vote yes for greeley 2i logo
Greeley street repair Vote Yes For Greeley 2-I
endorsement for ballot 2-I
Family Fun Plex Greeley

Thank You for Voting YES on 2-I

If renewed, revenues from 2-I will be used to improve and maintain city street conditions, parks and recreation facilities used by most of our community and position Greeley to attract and retain quality employers.

See the 2-I Fact page for details.

  • The Greeley Food Tax originally approved by voters in 1990 with a 5-year sunset has been reapproved and extended six times. Voters approved extension of the tax again in 2015 and it will expire in 2021, unless renewed.
  • This tax is the primary funding for parks, recreation, and public building maintenance and a contributing funding source for maintenance of Greeley streets.
  • The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee reviewed the prior and proposed use of these funds and recommended placement of a ballot item to renew the food tax, as currently assessed, on the 2020 ballot by City Council.
  • The City has used these tax revenues responsibly and as approved by the voters.

The Greeley area has been one of the fastest growing communities in the country, and with the added traffic and use of parks and recreation facilities, the City needs resources now more than ever to maintain this crucial infrastructure. 

72% of Greeley residents in a poll conducted June 2020 said that they support renewal of the food tax to:

  • Repair potholes and improve traffic signals to increase safety;
  • Repair sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety;
  • Restore and improve public parks and make repairs at parks and recreational facilities;
  • Make improvements to public buildings; and
  • Improve accessibility to public facilities for people with disabilities.

Since 1990, when the food tax first passed, the population of Greeley has grown by 77% — outpacing the rest of Colorado. Now, Greeley is consistently noted as one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Spending quality time with family and friends requires efficient travel and well maintained recreational areas and gathering places in our community.

  • Safety signals and well maintained roads are a key factor in helping us move about the city effectively and enjoying time with family and friends.
  • Our parks, trails and recreational facilities provide places for relaxation and recreation with our families. Having opportunities for these activities close to home is an important factor in choosing where to live and work.

Fast Fact #1

Greeley Transportation
Greeley has:
• 375 miles of roads
• 700 miles of curbs
• 6,600 ADA ramps
• 68 traffic signals

Fast Fact #2

Greeley Parks
Greeley has:
• 1,738 acres of parks and open space
• 42 parks
• 5 recreation facilities

Fast Fact #3

Greeley Public Buildings
Greeley has:
• Over 1 million square feet of public facilities